Who  is  Diirt Burns?
Diirt Burns is a sports equipment designer who builds training knives
and bolos for the martial arts community. Diirt has developed an
exiting new line that is now ready for blade training enthusiasts
everywhere. He has worked closely with GAT Puno Abon Baet of the
Garimot System to develop the Binakuko and other knife designs.
Guro Baet designed the Binakuko and Diirt Burns led the
development and production processes. He is currently working on
new models for Anarchy Sport and Hall of Fame member John
Eckhart, the tactical blade instructor based in South Florida
We will be adding random production
pictures and video as we go along. Check
with us from time to time to see what's
Engraving the Diirt Burns maker's mark on our Karambit
Results of Crosscut 10 countersinking
Post final polish of Crosscut 10 model
Video: Final polish of Karambit by Diirt Burns